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Based in Central Scotland, I've been a Songwriter since 1996 (self produced since 2005), a Guitarist since 1985, a Vocalist since 1996, a Composer since 1997 (Instrumental since 2005) and a Demo Producer/Producer and developing Mix Engineer, currently learning Mastering. Having spent 15 or so years in bands from 1985, initially as a lead guitarist in Rock/Blues rock bands, then fronting my own 3 piece Indie Rock/Rock & Blues Rock combos, I focus now on recording at home using my DAW (Cubase) and I have secured a few Publishing Contracts along the way (10 or so) in the USA.


I have also composed for Short Films, for some brand work and have secured high profile brand work for other composers, which featured on national TV Ad campaigns. I also mentor & produce demos for up and coming Singer-Songwriters/Singers and have previously taught guitar, bass and drums, as well as mentoring young bands/artists.  I play all instruments on my material and programmed/edit drums.

I am also a Photographer and Videographer and spent three years at college studying Sound & Video Production (TV Production), Music Tech & Managment and finally Information & Media Studies back in youthful early 1990's.

Musically, my niches/specialties are as folows:

1950's Rock & Roll (guitar/piano based)

1960's Pop/Rock

1970's Acoustic, Soul, Rock, Woodstock 69, Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zep, Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers & on

1990's Indie Rock


Singer-Songwriter (60's/70's and modern)

Acoustic Folk-Blues/Southern Blues

Instrumental Guitar (electric & acoustic: Rock/folk/countryspanish/jazz-blues/folk/america)

Instrumental - Orchestral/Hybrid

Instrumental - Jazz Blues (Piano combo)

Instrumental - Piano / Orchestral

Instrumental - Sci-Fi/Synths

I have personally studiied music from the 1940's up to present day and appreciate Jazz & Classical also.

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Single Releases & Instrumental Album

Pete Carroll Music
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